How Can I Find a Fitness Challenge Near Me ?

How Can I Find a Fitness Challenge Near Me ?

If you’ve read a little bit about the challenge or seen some of our videos online, chances are the you’re wondering “is there a fitness challenge near me?”. Happily, with our network of member gyms growing, it’s easier than ever to find a location for the New You 6 Week Challenge near you.

Here, I’ll offer a little bit more info on the program. Once you read this post, you’ll know exactly how to take the steps necessary to get started.

What is the New You 6 Week Challenge? 

The New You Challenge is a fitness and diet challenge which takes place over a 6 week period.

The Challenge includes group fitness classes and a customized nutrition plan which are tailored to help you meet your personal goals. In essence, it was created to show what’s possible in 6 weeks when the right people get the right coaching, meal plan and support.

How can I find a fitness challenge near me? 

Ready to take the next steps? Follow these easy steps:

1. Visit our website. Click on over to to get started. On the website, you can browse around and learn even more about the Challenge. The site features informative videos, photos, and testimonials so that you can really get the idea of what will happen once you join.

2. Click the “Find a Challenge” button. On the home page of our website, you’ll see a “Find a Challenge” button. Click that button to take the next steps.

3. Fill out our participation application. Next, you’ll fill out an application which will help us get a better idea of your personal goals. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. Actually, it’s kind of fun! You’ll fill out a brief photo-based quiz detailing your current fitness level and what you hope to achieve on the Challenge.

4. Consult with our coaches. After you submit your application, one of our coaches will reach out to you to directly. During the consultation, you’ll discuss your personal fitness goals and history.

Be honest and open: this is how your coach will determine the best way to fit you into the fitness challenge. This consultation will allow them to give you the best information and advice based on your individual needs.

5. Come in and get started. When you come in for your first session, we’ll write down your stats: height, weight, and measurements. This will help you monitor your progress over the duration of the Challenge.

We’ll also have another consultation about your goals. Don’t edit yourself: choose goals that will really motivate you. Some goals might not be attainable within six weeks. However, the Challenge can definitely give you a jump start toward reaching them.

6. Consider nutrition. As part of the New You 6 Week Challenge, we offer a customized nutrition plan. However, we recognize that even with the best of intentions, time and money constraints can make it hard to maintain a healthy diet.

Therefore, to help make it easier to maintain good nutrition during the Challenge, we’ve partnered with Diet-To-Go. This established meal delivery service offers healthy and affordable meals which are delivered to your door. It’s an easy (and delicious) way to stay on track.

7. Make it happen. Now, it’s your time to work (and to shine). The Challenge includes 18 group classes over a 6 week period. It’s your job to keep showing up, even when things get tough.

Of course, your group, your trainers, and our app all make it easier to stay motivated. You will be challenged, but it is worth it: many of our members find it to be a transformative experience.

The New You 5 Week At Home Challenge

Can’t find a fitness challenge near you? Don’t worry. There are still options available for you. Our New You 5 Week At Home Challenge is a five week fitness, nutrition and lifestyle challenge, including workouts, supplements, and a nutritional plan which you can execute on your own schedule. It’s the perfect way to work your way toward fitness in a way that suits your busy lifestyle.

Conclusion: Finding a fitness challenge near you is incredibly simple. By taking the steps detailed in this post, you’ll be taking a powerful step toward your own personal wellness and self improvement!

Are you considering the New You 6 Week Challenge? 

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