How to Improve Joint Health

How to Improve Joint Health

If you want to enjoy long term wellness, you need to consider how to improve joint health.  

Joint health is incredibly important for your health. If you don’t take care of your joints, you can experience stiffness, strains, dislocations, or other ailments that can derail your fitness challenge.

The good news? Taking care of your joints isn’t difficult. Follow these tips for how to improve joint health:

1. Get active. Physical activity is wonderful for not only the muscles, but the joints as well. 

The New You 6 Week Challenge is an amazing tool to help sculpt your body. But it can also help improve your joint health. You see, muscles surround the joints, and they provide the energy for joints to move. Basically, by strengthening your muscles, you’ll be better able to protect those all-important joints.

2. Don’t forget to stretch. Stretching is extremely important for your joint health. Why? Because joints are tied to muscles–literally. Joints are what hold bones together, and they are surrounded by muscles. Their range of movement is directly related to your flexibility (or lack thereof).

If your muscles have a lot of tension, you won’t have as much range of motion in your joints, which can make you feel stiff and creaky. Stretching can reduce stiffness and assist in maintaining healthy joints.

3. Focus on nutrition. I talk about nutrition a lot on this blog, because it is so important to your long term health. The adage “you are what you eat” is true: what you eat is what helps your body function and aids in every renewal process in your body.

There are certain foods that are known to help improve joint health. According to WebMD, you want to focus on foods that are anti-inflammatory, including cherries, red peppers, salmon, oatmeal, and turmeric. This article includes a comprehensive list of anti-inflammatory foods.

At The New You 6 Week Challenge, we also partner with Diet-To-Go to make healthy eating a snap. Our customized meal plans include plenty of delicious and nutritious options to help you maintain optimal health and joint wellness.

4. Consider supplementing. Supplements can fill in the blanks, nutritionally speaking, if your diet isn’t giving your joints all the help they need. The New You 6 Week Challenge is proud to offer a variety of supplements from Lurong Living. One of the items in our shop is their Essential supplement. This whole food supplement provides “powerful nutritional components that are otherwise missing in the typical American diet.”  

The secret ingredient? Deer Velvet Antler. According to Lurong Living, this is “a revolutionary whole food that has been used for years to relieve joint and muscle discomfort, rebuild and optimize joint function, improve strength and endurance, boost energy, increase libido, and so much more.”

5. Mind your posture. Wait, posture can affect joint health? You bet. According to this article, “Our body is constantly at work holding us upright, against the force of gravity. Proper alignment is the key to avoiding stress on the back and overcompensation by other muscles that can cause injury.” Incorrect posture can put stress on the joints, which can lead to pain and potentially lead to arthritis pain.

Maintaining proper posture is a constant struggle for many of us. Good alignment when working out, wearing proper footwear, and building core and back strength can be extremely helpful in maintaining the natural curves of the spine and helping your joints remain healthy.

6. Take care of yourself. You’ve probably heard of cortisol, the so-called “stress hormone”. You may not have heard, however, that when your body releases cortisol, it can decrease the production of collagen, which is vital for healthy joints.

Self care and stress reduction is important for overall wellness. The New You 6 Week Challenge is designed to help you improve your wellness through fitness and diet, which can help reduce stress on the body. Taking care of yourself physically will help you reap rewards you may not even realize!

Conclusion: If you want to enjoy long term wellness, it’s important to maintain healthy joints. By following these tips, you’ll be taking proactive measures to improve joint health which can reduce risk of pain and discomfort. Here’s to your health!

What do you do to maintain joint health?

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