Nutrition > Working Out. Why is Nutrition Important?

Nutrition > Working Out. Why is Nutrition Important?

Why is Nutrition Important?

If you want to become physically fit, first you must understand why is nutrition important ? Undoubtedly you’ve heard the adage that “you are what you eat”. This is the literal truth. And yet when it comes time to caring for themselves, many people are willing to work out for hours and think it’s ok to fuel themselves with chips and candy.

Here, I’m going to address a potentially hot button issue: is nutrition more important than working out when it comes to meeting your fitness goals?

What is nutrition? This question might sound simplistic, but nutrition is actually not well understood by the average person. So what is nutrition, exactly?

Simply put, nutrition refers to the supply of fuel (food) necessary for organisms and cells to remain alive and functioning.

To expand on that, in the world of medicine, nutrition is defined as the branch of science dealing with nutrients and nutrition.

Why is nutrition important ?

Ok, so take a moment to think about the simple definitions listed above. For humans, nutrition refers to the materials which we supply ourselves with to keep on living and functioning properly.

Truthfully, that should already answer why nutrition is so important. Nutrition is literally our lifeblood. It is what we are putting in our bodies to make sure that they keep on running. The food that we choose to eat is what rebuilds our cells, and helps every system and organ in our body work.

Without proper nutrition, humans are no better off than a plant without sunshine or water; we’ll simply wither.

How does nutrition influence working out?

Consider this: you’ve just embarked on a road trip in your car. The only problem? You didn’t fill your tank with gas. How do you think this journey is going to work out?

It’s the same thing with working out. If you don’t “fill your tank” so to speak, then you’re never going to have optimal success in a fitness routine.

Proper nutrition is vital for helping you reach your fitness goals.

New You Challenge + RP Nutrition = A balanced approach to fitness

The New You Challenge isn’t just about working out. It’s a balanced approach to wellness that includes a strong emphasis on body movement and nutrition.

In this program, both exercise and nutrition are of equal importance, because both are necessary to deliver the results that members want.

For many, balanced nutrition is confusing at best. Should you eat eggs? What is a macro? It is enough to make you want to turn to a bag of cookies for comfort.

For that reason, the New You Challenge has partnered with RP Nutrition to allow our members to enjoy nutrition with ease. We recommend every participant use the RP Diet app on their smartphone to help with meal planning. You can get the app by searching “rp diet” or for Google Play just click HERE and for iTunes click HERE.

The RP Diet app factors in your age, gender, goals, current body weight, current body type, as well as the time of day and intensity of your training. With all of this data you are given the most precise prescription possible to achieve your fitness goals in the time frame that you want. Whether you want to pack on muscle or lose fat, the RP Diet app will get you there as quickly as possible.

The New You Challenge and RP Nutrition have put together an amazing offer to help jump start our participants on their journey. Once you download the app, use the code: “newyou” and we will send you our ebook for FREE ($20 value) as well as a 2 week FREE trial with the mobile app.

Is nutrition more important than working out?

So, having read all of the above, is nutrition more important than working out? Well, yes and no.

On the one hand, nutrition is more important than working out because without it, you wouldn’t be able to function, much less work out. Without proper nutrition, nothing will work in your body: your brain, your internal organs, your cells, your muscles. Everything!

Yet with that in mind, once you are receiving proper nutrition, working out is one of the best ways to help maintain your health and utilize the nutrients your body is receiving. So to dismiss working out as being unimportant would be rash.

Ultimately, the combination of proper nutrition and working out is what will keep your body strong and healthy and give you an incredible quality of life.

In conclusion, both nutrition and exercise are necessary for vitality. At The New You Challenge, we take a balanced approach to both what you eat and how you use your body so that you can reach your fitness goals and enjoy sustainable, long term wellness.

What is your approach to nutrition?

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