8 Ways to Get Better Results from a Fitness Challenge

8 Ways to Get Better Results from a Fitness Challenge

How can you get better results from a fitness challenge?

The New You 6 Week Fitness Challenge is designed to deliver results. Featuring high intensity, functional training and a nutrition program, it will sculpt your body, burn fat, and prepare your body for anything that life throws at you. We’ve put over 100,000 people through this program, and are confident that any person can benefit from it. Follow these tips to get better results from a fitness challenge .

1. Find a challenge near you. This might sound obvious, but start by finding a fitness challenge that is located in a convenient spot for you. Happily, the New You Fitness Challenge has locations all over the nation; you can search by your zip code to find the closest challenge here.

2. Determine your goals. To get the best results from a fitness challenge, first take the time to define your desired results. The more specific you can be, the better. For instance, if you want to lose weight, how many pounds would you ideally like to lose? Alternately, if you want to gain more muscle definition, are you looking for a more lean look, or do you want to gain big muscles?

Determining details like this will help your team at the New You Challenge help guide you in creating an exercise and nutrition plan. You can get started on determining your goals on our Find a Challenge page. This page will take you through a questionnaire designed to help you define some of these specific goals before guiding you toward local challenges.

3. Meet yourself where you are right now. This tip builds upon and clarifies the above tip. While it’s important to have goals for your fitness challenge, it’s also important to be realistic about where you are right now. For instance, if you need to lose 50 pounds, it would not be realistic to think that you could lose that in the 6 week duration of the challenge. However, the challenge could be the perfect catalyst to help you work toward this goal.

4. Challenge yourself. The New You Challenge will demand that you step outside of your comfort zone. But this is always done in a safe way for your body. Whether you have literally never worked or are a fitness professional, the Challenge will be designed to help you meet your specific fitness goals. You will be challenged physically, and you will likely feel sore at times. However, this is part of how the challenge helps you improve and grow.

5. Eat right. As I detailed in this recent post, nutrition is just as important–if not more important–than exercise. After all, you need energy to be able to work out, so it’s important to eat the most appropriate and nutrient-dense diet possible. Nutrition is a vital part of the New You Challenge, and as part of the program you’ll receive a customized nutrition plan. Diet and nutrition work hand in hand and will help you get the best results from a Fitness Challenge.

6. Try Diet-To-Go. Buying and preparing nutrient-dense food can be expensive and time consuming. To help make the nutrition part of the challenge easier on members, we’ve teamed up with the revolutionary meal plan service, Diet-To-Go. This is no ordinary meal plan service. They have specific options available which will help you attain better results from a fitness challenge. Plus, the prices are amazing.

7. Use the app. Did you know that the New You Challenge has an app? To help stay accountable and motivated, get your smart phone in on the action! The app can be integrated with AppleHealthKit to track all of your biometric data and workout history. As one app store reviewer wrote, “This app has been so great for me to use over the course of the challenge!! Great program and great setup.”

8. Post on social media. Get social! Many members find that posting their progress on social media serves as both motivation and helps to keep them accountable.

A fitness challenge can be difficult at times, so that “attaboy” praise from family and friends who see the good work you’re doing can help inspire you to keep going. Additionally, it’s fun to look back at your progress and see how far you’ve come. Be sure to tag the New You 6 Week Challenge on Instagram and Facebook!

Conclusion: These tips can help you get the best results from a fitness challenge. Join today and let the transformation begin!

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