An Amazing Upper Body Workout for Women

An Amazing Upper Body Workout for Women

Upper Body Workout for Women

Adapted from an article by Lisa Maximus

To become “bulky” is not a fitness goal for most women which is why an upper body workout for women is often neglected. Rather, they are seeking a lean, strong silhouette. For this reason, many women can be fearful of lifting weights. They are worried that lifting will give them too much bulk, and so they simply avoid that type of exercise altogether.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, though! Lifting weights can help women attain shape in their body, giving them definition in the shoulders, biceps, and lats. This can actually help women look lean and strong, gaining a sexy upper body without bulk. Here, I’ll detail a sample 50 minute workout including exercises that will help women gain the upper body that they desire.

Exercise one:

Bench Press 21’s (3 sets of 7 each, for 5 sets)

7 from the chest, halfway up and then back down

7 from the top, halfway down and then back up

7 full range lifts

Note: For the first set, use only the bar. On the second set, increase the weight if you were able to successfully complete all of the sets and reps.

Exercise two:

Tricep extensions: 5 sets of ten repetitions, using two 15 pound dumbbells, or use a 35 or 45 pound bar depending on your strength level.

How to do it:

Start by bringing the dumbbells or bar to the forehead, then extend straight out. This is set one.

For set 2, bring the bar to the nose, then straight back out.

For set 3, bring the bar to the chin.

For set 4, bring the bar to the throat.

For set 5, bring the bar to the clavicle (stop before touching the upper chest).

Note: Be sure to use a weight you can comfortably handle to complete the exercise to completion.

Exercise three:

Pull-ups, or alternately, negative pull-ups

Complete five reps of your chosen exercise, then go right into bent over row with a 65 pound bar for 15 reps.

Note: Complete five 5 sets, resting one minute between sets.

Exercise four:

Hammer curls with dumbbells

complete five sets of 20 reps, using 15-25 pound dumbbells.

Note: Rest for 1 minute between each set.

Total Workout Time: About 50 minutes

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