Summer Training Tips

Summer Training Tips

At the New You 6 Week Challenge, we want you to stay fit and safe in the hot weather, so be sure to follow these invaluable summer training tips!

On the one hand, staying fit in the summer is easier than any time of the year: the warmer weather calls for plenty of outdoor and physical activity. However, along with the hot weather come some very real safety concerns, such as dehydration, heat stroke, and heat cramps. Keep yourself safe and on track with your personal fitness goals by following these simple summer training tips.

  1. Hydrate! By the time you feel thirsty, you’re probably already in a state of dehydration. This is serious stuff: dehydration can make you more susceptible to things like heat cramps (painful involuntary muscle spasms), heat exhaustion (wherein you may feel faint or nauseous or see spots), or even heat stroke. Be sure to keep a water bottle on you so you can hydrate regularly while working out as well as after you’re done. Not sure if you’re drinking enough water? Weird as it may sound, an easy way to tell is to keep an eye on your urine. Ideally, it should be light in color and transparent. If it appears dark or cloudy, chances are you’re not drinking enough water.
  2. Don’t forget to warm up. Why warm up in the summer? After all, you’re already totally warm already, right? Wrong: body heat is not the same as warmed-up muscles.The hot weather can trick you into thinking that you’re muscles are already loosened up, but for your safety, be sure to warm up properly before tackling a tough workout.No matter what your age or fitness level, warming up is extremely important before exercise. Warming up helps you gradually increase the heart rate and gets the circulation system going. This helps increase the blood flow to the muscles, and helps loosen the joints. Warming up not only helps you rev your engine, but it also helps prevent potential injuries. Always warm up before exercise, regardless of the weather conditions.
  1. Account for sweat. Hot weather can cause sweat. Sweat can cause discomfort in a variety of ways. Sweat can get in your eyes, it can make clothing chafe, and it can make things overall kind of slippery.Account for sweat in your hot weather workouts. If you’re outside, you might consider wearing a hat or visor to protect your head and brow, and to keep sweat from getting into your eyes. In terms of clothing, choose light clothing, ideally sweat-wicking or breathable, that won’t chafe. After all, once chafing starts, it becomes uncomfortable pretty fast, so the best method is avoiding it entirely.

    If you’re working out in a group class or gym setting, be sure to have a towel or towels for sopping up sweat and cleaning any machines or props you’re using. It will not only keep things from getting too slippery, but it’s also just plain polite.

  1. Avoid peak heat. If you’re exercising outdoors, use some common sense. Avoid rigorous workouts outdoors during the peak sun and heat of the day, which is usually between 11-2pm. Why risk heat stroke? Be sure to check the weather before you head outdoors, and wear appropriate clothing and don’t forget the sunblock!
  2. Eat something! When it’s hot as you know what out there, chances are the last thing you feel like doing is eating. However, nutrition is still important in hot weather, and it’s important to refuel after a workout. Proper nutrition can maximize your results in the New You 6 Week Challenge!

Sticking to cool foods like my easy to make protein smoothie or nutrient-dense salads can make hot weather eating more pleasurable during the hot summer months. Remember, our meal plan partner, Diet-To-Go, also has plenty of delicious meal offerings, too!

  1. Adjust workouts as needed. Particularly when the weather swings super high or super low, it can have an effect on your training performance. Listen to your body. Don’t try to push it just to stick to your training plan if you feel nauseous or faint. Meet yourself where you’re at right now, and adjust workouts as needed to accommodate the sometimes brutal summer weather!

Conclusion: At The New You 6 Week Challenge, we want you to remain safe during all seasons. The intense heat at this time of year can have an impact on your training regime, so it’s smart to follow these summer training tips so that you can safely stay on track!

What’s your favorite summer training tip?

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