What is the Best Fitness Challenge?

What is the Best Fitness Challenge?

If you’re considering a transformation of your body, strength, and overall health, what is the best fitness challenge?

People are like snowflakes: that is to say, no two are exactly the same. So the answer to what sort of fitness regime will work for one person versus the next will never be identical. Luckily, the New You 6 Week Fitness Challenge is unique in that it is program which is highly tailored to the individual. Here I’ll discuss how this challenge can help you realize your personal goals.

The New You 6 Week Fitness Challenge: a little different

People come to the New You 6 Week Fitness Challenge for all kinds of reasons. For some, it’s to lose weight. For others, it’s to increase strength or improve overall health. Others are seeking a total nutrition and body transformation. Or maybe it’s all of the above!

Because everyone comes to the Challenge with different goals, we do our best to tailor the experience to the individual. When you join the New You 6 Week Challenge, your first consultation will involve an evaluation and consultation wherein your trainer will help you begin to formulate a plan based on your personal goals. This personalized approach is part of what makes ours the best fitness challenge.

Group fitness classes = accountability, fun, and results

The fitness part of the challenge is conducted in group classes 3 times a week. The group setting helps keep you inspired; many people find that they’re able to push themselves just a little further when in a group class setting versus doing an exercise without guidance.

The group fitness classes also add a sense of accountability to the Challenge. You have a specific schedule to adhere to, and you know that by sticking with it, you’ll be getting closer to reaching your personal goals. That’s a positive sense of accountability!

It’s also worth noting that group classes are fun. Not necessarily fun and games–you will work your butt off–but you’ll have a team to commiserate and talk with before and after class. This sense of community can help keep you inspired.

Fitness + food = better overall results

What is the best fitness challenge? One that takes a whole body approach. When people want to make a positive change in their body composition or strength, they know that they need to work out. But all too often, they neglect to even think about, much less alter, their dietary decisions.

At The New You 6 Week Challenge, the program has a strong focus on not only exercise and training but nutrition as well. As part of the program, you’ll enjoy a dietary consultation and receive a customized meal plan.

Okay, in hearing that there is a meal plan did you just get discouraged? To be completely honest, if you find it hard to stick to a meal plan, then you’re not alone. Many members find that taking the time to shop and prepare healthy food can be time consuming, and they find themselves making poor food decisions on occasion because they lack time for and / or knowledge about healthy cooking.

Because of this, the New You 6 Week Fitness Challenge partnered with what we believe is the best meal delivery service out there: Diet-To-Go. This established service is highly customizable, and you can create meal options that are in synch with your meal plans and fitness goals. For instance, if you’re trying to stick to a low carb or ketogenic diet, you can choose the Carb30 Plan, which takes the guesswork out of measuring macros for you.

This collaboration makes it easy to stick to your nutrition goals in an affordable and delicious way. When you’re eating properly, that means you have the right fuel to work out and train effectively, which will boost your fitness challenge results!


What is the best fitness challenge? Ultimately, the best fitness challenge is the one that most effectively helps you reach your fitness goals. The New You 6 Week Fitness Challenge is designed to help you successfully attain your desired results. We do this through a high level of customization in both your workout routine and meal plans. We firmly believe that this is the best fitness challenge out there, and hope to have the opportunity to help you reach your fitness, nutrition, and overall health goals!

What do you hope to gain from the New You 6 Week Challenge?

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