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Interested in hosting a New You Challenge? We have partnered with over 1,000 gym owners worldwide to provide fitness, yoga, boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu challenges.

We provide the clients, nutritional plan, programming, and support throughout the 6 week process. You provide a welcoming and motivating atmosphere for our New You Challengers to transform their lives.
If this sounds like a good fit for your facility please fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch

Gym Owner Testimonial

Thanks so much…! I’ve been getting some GREAT results!  🙂

Desert CrossFit

We had pretty good results from your call center last time so we would like to continue with that.

Skeetown CrossFit

I’m contacting to see about hosting a challenge sometime in January at my affiliate…We previously hosted one of your challenges back in June/July and really loved the turn out.

Primal Empowerment

We are so grateful for the changes to the program and so far are extremely pleased with how things are going.

CrossFit Redefined

We have done 3 challenges this past year and are super excited for the next one.

CrossFit Haymount

We are kicking off our challenge today. Super excited to be doing another 6 week challenge.

Berlin CrossFit

We are super excited to get this group up and running 🙂

CrossFit Raynham

We held the 6 week New You challenge last year. It went well for us, we would like to partner up again this year and hopefully hold more than just 1 challenge this…

CrossFit Artillery

I am looking forward to another strong year with New You.

CrossFit Glendale

If there is any way I could have the sales representative that I had last time that would be great. I think it was xxx. He did a great job and we had…

Iron Warrior Fitness

I am in the process of settling up the account for the last challenge I ran. Overall, it was a tremendous success. Everyone who stuck with it saw remarkable improvements. I would like…

Iron Warrior Fitness

I was referred by a fellow gym owner about your company and challenge.

Fitness 19 Toledo

Hello, thanks for running a successful challenge.

Lion Storm CrossFit

Hey guys!! You come very highly recommended from a good friend of mine and affiliate owner. I definitely need something new in my box to help with growth as that seems to be…

CrossFit Movida

We heard great things from xxx – can we get a Challenge going at our box?

CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel

A friend who also happens to be a gym owner recommended me to you guys! He had great success with the challenge and suggested I give it a try. Excited for the opportunity!

Hardbat CrossFit

We would love to run another challenge with you guys for the new year (as I’m sure everyone else wants to, too!) 🙂

Pink Iron Gym

I would love to run another challenge and basically crush the local market with burpees and savage muscles.

CrossFit Shatter

My gym recently held a New You challenge. It was very successful and we would love to host one again. I wanted to make sure you would keep us in mind the next…

CrossFit Eternal

We would love to set up a 50+ challenge.

CrossFit South Shore

We would love for y’all to run another challenge ad for us starting ASAP.

East End Athletics

We can’t wait to run another New You Challenge!

Fire for Effects Athletics

My challenge is starting tomorrow and we are all finished with sign ups.  I am happy with the results and excited to get started.

Ardent CrossFit

We’re almost through the first week of our latest challenge and we’ve got another great group! Thanks for delivering so many folks to us AGAIN.

Sequoia CrossFit

We were very pleased with how nice all the participants were – they were a pleasure to work with. We had a great time working with them throughout the entire 6 weeks.

CrossFit Resilience

It’s a great group of participants this go around. You guys did a good job!

CrossFit Razor

The sales have been going really well and I want to say thank you for that.

Combat Survival Idaho

Also I would like to add in that the video of Tommy explaining his testimony was awesome. I did not know programs like this existed.

Underground Muscle

I am pretty happy with the sales team combined with those wanting to meet me to pay. 19 on board so far. a couple wanting to meet tomorrow and next week. and of…

CrossFit Evolution

Great turn out, by the way!  You guys have the definite knack on how to do this for gyms with out any risk on our end and I’m sure lots of reward on…

FitMo Fitness + Training

You guys helped me grow the gym so much and I really appreciate that!

Atlanta Strength and Conditioning

Very nice ad.  I LOVE that flag banner background.  Strong. And very very well done on the video.  Actually, I’ve seen a few these types of ads and by far, this is the…

CrossFit Jaguar

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Dan Kachtik

King William District

Would you recommend this to other gyms?

Anthony Cosenza

CF total empowerment

What do you like most about the challenge?

Craig Howard

DIAblo crossfit

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