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The New You Anywhere Challenge combines nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and accountability in a fun and engaging nationwide competition. It’s built for those who want to take back control of their body & life, while also improving diet, performance, and confidence.


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New You Anywhere Challenge

New You Anywhere Challenge + Supplement Combo

Our mission is changing life!

Check out what some of the past challenge participants were able to accomplish! Remember, these were done in ONLY 1 MONTH!


We are now able to offer our three most popular products in an unbelievable 3-pack combo! When taken together with the rest of our diet and fitness program, participants not only see better results, but they notice a substantial difference in their day-to-day routine.

Normally, we sell these products individually (and quickly) for a combined total of $129! Not only will you save $30 from our normal retail price, but you’re also gaining access to our New You challenge software, which (as you’ll soon see) will help you stay disciplined on our workouts & food habits for the next 5-wks. Combining healthy food habits with disiplined workouts = RESULTS. Results will then bring confidence. And confidence in how you look brings all types of success in life, love, and even business. That is when you will truly see the value in our program. After all, life is SO much more fun when you’re not too embarrassed to take your shirt off!

You May be wondering why we’re offering such a great deal? After all, the supplements alone, provide enough value to make it worth the price. The truth is that we are barely able to cover the hard cost of the supplements from the $99 registration fee. Combined with the server and website costs, the company is barely breaking even on the deal. But we also know that if you commit to using our challenge software, follow the rules of the meal plan, and remember to take the supplements daily, the changes you will produce in your body will motivate you to do more! With that in mind, please consider us for all your future fitness needs! We have many programs (both online & “in-person” at one of our 1,000+ partner gyms around the country)!

Wild Omega+

The first product we selected for our “carefully created/transformation aiding” supplement combo, is the “Wild Omega” Fish Oil (from Lurong Living). Fish oil is an extremely popular choice, and a regular in many fitness programs around the world. Every nutritionist (and physician) trying to improve the health of their patients, will recommend that they take a daily fish oil supplement, along with their diet. And the reason it’s so popular is because it’s extremely effective at reducing chronic body inflammation. Also, It’s an effective preventative measure for chronic diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. For this challenge in particular, it’s very important to include fish oil. The reason is that as you start working out again, controlling your body’s response to the training (commonly known as inflammation) is critical. We are trying to remove any potential excuses before they become an issue. Being too sore is a very common reason people cite for skipping workouts, and then ultimately quitting.

Lurong Essential

The 2nd product in the combo is Lurong Living’s “Essential” Deer Antler. Deer Antler is much less ubiquitous within the fitness industry, but no less important. In fact, we are one of the few companies that even offer it. Deer Antler offers a reduction in joint inflammation (especially when combined with the fish oil), the benefits of which were described in the Fish Oil info. But the main benefit of this product, and the reason we included it in our combo, is it provideds a major reduction in recovery time, and soreness. This is a product that you will “feel” as opposed to the fish oil, which just works silently in the background. In addition to feeling strong, controlling the soreness, and helping your joints and muscles to recover quicker, you may also feel a substantial boost in energy. So much so, in fact, that during the challenge, when people ask “how are you feeling?” When you tell them, “Great!”, you’ll actually mean it!

Paradigm Protein

Finally, and as the last product in our combo, we added Lurong Living’s “Paradigm Protein”. Protein powder is also ubiquitous in the fitness industry, but the quality and effectiveness of each company’s product can vary greatly. Rest assured, this is a “top of the line” product. We keep it simple with 3 ingredients…Beef collagen, cocoa powder and stevia. But in this case, “less is more”. You see, most company’s selling protein powders will save themselves money by including a “proprietary blend” of gluten, soy, or dairy. Always beware of the term “proprietary blend” on a supplement bottle, as that’s usually a “Euphemism” that thrifty companies use to semantically “gloss over” their practice of saving money with crappy ingredients. And with protein, it’s no different. Those ingredients are the reason why both stomach irritation and bloating are so common for protein customers. By removing those ingredients, we pay more for the end result, but it’s worth it for the consumer, as we also remove the stomach and digestive issues commonly associated with taking a protein supplement. Those issues, simply put, WILL NOT HAPPEN with our product.

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