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New You Challenge - Transformation Spotlight

After seeing ads for a "6-Wk New You Challenge" I thought I would put one to the test.

For almost all of 2016 I have been back and forth with different weight loss and health plans. I tried everything from trendy diets to gym memberships with little to no results. I usually would start strong on a new plan but after a few weeks it would fizzle out and I would end up back to square one. While looking for new exercises and diets I would come across ads for 6 week programs that would get you into shape with interval training. While I was at first put off with this type of high intensity training I was not getting results from the countless other diets and workouts I had previously done. I decided to give this 6 week challenge a try and here is a week by week of my experiences with the program.

Week 1

I can see why these challenge work for so many people!

Week 2

Learning the fundamental exercises & starting to see improvments.

Week 3

Ready, Set, Go!

Week 4

a small setback, but now it’s FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Week 5

“I am a MACHINE!”

Week 6

I’m in the best shape of my Life & Don’t Want it to End!

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