2 Essential and Simple Motivation Hacks

2 Essential and Simple Motivation Hacks

WARNING! Motivation without action is useless. If you want to get something out of this blog post please read quickly, then watch one or both of the videos in the links below and TAKE ACTION! Now for my 2 personal favorite motivation hacks . 
Countless times, I’ve felt the motivational spark ignite into a raging fire…only to fizzle out in a week (or honestly, sometimes just a day). Looking back at what I consider some of my life’s greatest successes, I can see the moments when my motivation was at its most stratospheric levels. But I can also recall the times when I had to force myself through the motions to get things done because the motivation was so low. Chances are, you’ve experienced something similar. So when motivation is simply not there, what can be done?
There’s no magic pill for motivation.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a magic pill for motivation? Just wake up in the morning, pop in your motivation pill, chase it with a cup of coffee and then crush some goals! Sounds great, but unfortunately, it simply doesn’t exist. At least I’ve never seen it next to supplements or protein powder in stores!
It’s a simple fact: while moments of intense motivation are great, they’re often fleeting. Often, it’s less-glamorous discipline and commitment that keep us moving on in our life, helping us stay on our path and get things done when the motivation just isn’t there.
That having been said, you may find it helpful to begin to assemble some resources to help provide motivation when it isn’t coming naturally. Consider it your own toolbox for helping you to keep moving toward what you want in life.
To help inspire you, I’m going to share some of my go-to sources for quick motivation when I’m feeling uninspired. These are what I consider two simple hacks for easy and quick motivation which have proven reliable for me time and time again.

Two easy hacks for motivation.

Now, I’d like to share two of my go-to “motivation hacks”. They have worked for me, and I’m hoping that they’ll provide some motivation for you, too.
These hacks are actually two YouTube videos that inspire the hell out of me. Any day that I wake up and feel like I’m in a slump, or just want a little extra focus before a workout or workday, I’ll watch one of these. For me, these videos act like a form of meditation. They help to get my mind in the proper state so I can be more mindful of my goals, show more focused effort, and get the most out of my day.

Motivational Hack #1: How Bad Do You Want It?

This is a speech by Eric Thomas, AKA Eric the Hip Hop Preacher. For me, this is a lot like being motivated by a coach yelling at me to encourage me to work harder. It’s the brutally honest, tough love that everyone needs every once in a while. [link]

Motivational Hack #2: The Dick and Rick Hoyt Story

Be careful with this one: it will tug at your heartstrings. Yup, you might get a little teary (hey, did someone just start cutting onions?).This video is the epitome of someone refusing to give up on their dreams. It will give you perspective, reminding you that your problems aren’t as huge as you think, that you need to stop making excuses, and that anything is possible. It also features a story of a father’s love for his son, reminding us all of how much more we can accomplish when we work together. Teamwork makes the dream work! [link]
There you have it: my go-to motivation hacks. I hope you enjoy these videos and they give you the same boost that they reliably offer to me.
Maybe these will become your go-to motivation hacks, too, or perhaps you’ll find your own go-to video, quote, or sound byte. Moreover, what I want you to take from this post is that it is natural for motivation to ebb and flow. Don’t let a bad day or a bad week derail you from your greater goals, and don’t be so prideful that you can’t lean on a good video or a good friend to pick you up. Stay humble, stay hungry, and never stop improving.
Do you have a go-to source for motivation?

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