How Can I Keep Training While Traveling ?

How Can I Keep Training While Traveling ?

Training While Traveling

How can I keep training while traveling? Work, vacation, and many other life circumstances can keep you away from home, and from the gym. But this doesn’t need to mean that you abandon your fitness goals.

While training while traveling can throw a wrench in your workout routine, there are some tried and true tricks that can make it easier and more natural. By incorporating these tips into your routine, you’ll be better positioned to stick to your goals.

1. Make a goal in advance. Don’t underestimate the power of setting an intention. Before you leave home, make a goal to keep training while traveling. If possible, physically write it down. This simple act can remind you of your fitness goals and why it’s so important to maintain them.

2. Work out before you depart. Basically, the idea here is to give yourself a motivating sendoff. Before you depart on any given trip, be sure to carve out time to have a great workout at the gym. Not only will it lower your stress levels so that you’re not packing in a panic, but it will also remind you of how good it feels to be strong and healthy. This will help keep you on track as you depart!

3. Do a little research. Before you go on a trip, do a little online research. Check out the gym or fitness situation in the area. For example, your hotel might have a gym; in that case, it might be worth calling and inquiring about their machinery so that you can plot out a workout that will work in that particular setting. If a hotel doesn’t have a gym, they might have a partnership with a local one; once again, it’s worth inquiring. Be tactical in this regard. Taking these steps before you travel can help keep you on track, since once you arrive it might feel like too much work to seek out a space for fitness.

4. Adapt your workout. When you’re traveling, you need to adapt your entire life to fit your temporary surroundings. Your workout is no different! Regardless of where or how you are traveling, you will probably have to adapt your workout in some way. For instance, this might mean incorporating more cardio and less weight training. It’s not so important that you stick to a specific routine when you’re training while traveling. It’s more important that you maintain a routine, so that you can pick up where you left off when you get home.

5. Walk more. One easy yet often overlooked way to maintain your health while traveling? Walk more. If possible, skip the taxi and walk home after that trade show, or after that dinner out. Walking is good for your overall health and digestion as well as for your mind. So not only will you burn calories, maintain your metabolism, and keep your body moving, but you’ll also remain more level-headed. In the long run, keeping calm can prevent you from making bad health decisions.

6. Don’t derail your diet. Eating well while traveling can prove challenging. However, traveling isn’t permission to binge eat. Maintaining training while traveling isn’t going to be as beneficial if you’re constantly eating fried food and drinking sugary cocktails. One tip is that you can bring along healthy snacks or breakfast items. This can help you resist the sugary or fatty and salty snacks that often present themselves while you’re traveling, like packaged granola bars or bags of chips. Another tip is to get smart about restaurant menus. For instance, choosing a grilled meat entree served with vegetables is probably going to be a better choice than a breaded or fried item. No, you may not be following the perfect nutrition plan while traveling, but you can make the smartest choices possible! If you do overindulge, be sure to follow my tips for training with a hangover.

7. Get enough sleep. Do not underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, it’s usually the times when you haven’t had adequate sleep that you find yourself making bad decisions for your health. A lack of sleep can make it hard to muster up energy or motivation to work out. It can also lead you to make regrettable dietary decisions. Be sure to allow yourself adequate time for sleep. If you have trouble sleeping in a “foreign” setting, take efforts like bringing an eye mask or a noise machine to make sure that you can slumber in peace.

8. Stay accountable! At the New You Challenge, we’re all about accountability. Your family and friends can help you stick to your training while traveling. Post regular updates about your fitness upkeep on social media or via private text message with your trusted friends. Even a small level of accountability like this can go a long way in terms of keeping you on track with your wellness goals!

Training while traveling can definitely prove challenging at times. However, by following these tips you’ll be investing in your overall wellness and will be better able to stick with your long term fitness goals.

How do you maintain your routine while traveling?

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