What are the Best Spring Break Training Tips

What are the Best Spring Break Training Tips

Spring Break Training Tips

When it comes to Spring break training tips , many have an “all or nothing” approach. Unfortunately, the “all” is usually fatty food and cocktails, and the “nothing” is exercise.

Spring break vacation doesn’t (and shouldn’t) need to mean that you break your commitment to physical fitness. Follow these tips to stay on track!

1. Make an intention to stay healthy. You know how people make New Year’s Resolutions? The idea here is that you make a mini resolution, for the duration of your Spring break vacation, to stay as healthy as you can. While you may or may not actually stick with it, the odds are definitely greater if you make an intention.

Before you depart for your trip, take a few minutes to focus on your fitness goals. Think about some ways in which you could stay true to them on your trip (this list will help!). Also consider actions or inactions which will take you further away from your goals, such as binge drinking or missing workouts. Thinking about these things in advance can help you stay on track while traveling.

2. Pack workout clothes. Is this painfully obvious? Perhaps, but it’s worth noting, because plenty of people use the fact that they don’t have the proper gear as an excuse to slack off. Be sure to pack sneakers and a few outfits that you’re comfortable working out in. Not only will this make it harder to make excuses, but every time you see your workout clothes you’ll be reminded of your fitness goals.

Pro tip: take a look at the weather in your vacation destination before packing; this will inform you about what type of gear you should pack for optimum comfort.

3. Hit the gym early. When you’re on vacation, your will to work out usually lessens considerably as the day goes on. You’re busy hitting the beach, seeing the sights, and spending time with your friends.

To make sure that you stay on track with your fitness goals, and to give yourself energy for the day ahead, be sure to hit the gym first thing. Sure, it might not be fun to wake up early, but you’ll get a huge energy boost, and you’ll feel accomplished for the rest of the day. You won’t feel like you need to make an awkward break in spending time with friends to go work out; you won’t have to worry about working out all day if you get it done in the morning. As a bonus, if you work out early, you’re setting the tone for the day; you’re less likely to make bad nutrition choices.

4. Edit your workout. Let’s be honest: you’re on vacation. Trying to keep up with your usual fitness routine might not be feasible. This is for a few reasons. First, the equipment at the hotel gym might be minimal. Or, there might not be a hotel gym at all! Either way, your workout will likely need to be edited.

Second, you’re on vacation! It’s not necessary to kill yourself while you’re on a trip. Working out lightly, on a shorter or less frequent basis on vacation, can be a reasonable way of maintaining your goals while also allowing yourself a little break. Enjoy it while it lasts!

5. Try a local gym. Fitness tourism, anyone? Sometimes, it can be fun to take your fitness on the road. If you don’t want to work out on a reduced schedule, do some research in advance to see if there’s a gym near you that seems aligned with your workout goals. This can be a fun way to engage with locals and meet like minded people in a variety of destinations!

6. Get outside. If you’re in a beautiful beachside resort, it can be a downer to work out indoors. Try mixing it up by taking a run or exercising on the beach. Not only will this give you some local flavor and a beautiful view, but changing your setting can shake up your routine and re-inspire you to stay committed to your exercise goals.

7. Walk whenever possible. As you’re taking in the sights or heading to dinner, skip the cab if possible and walk instead. Walking is great for your metabolism, and it can burn some extra calories. Most of us eat and drink a little bit (or sometimes a lot) more than usual when on vacation; adding some extra steps in can help counteract the added indulgences.

8. Don’t go on a free for all. When you’re on vacation or spring break, it can be easy to fall into “all or nothing” territory. After all, if you’ve already “cheated,” why not go nuts and eat and drink everything, right? While yes, you should definitely enjoy yourself, you probably already know that overdoing it is not going to make you feel good.

9. Have a game plan for when you get home. If you stick to an edited workout and indulge in moderation, it’s easy to get back on track after a vacation. Be sure to have a plan to hit the gym, and maybe even get back on track nutrition-wise with one of the plans from Diet-to-Go.

Vacation should be fun, but not at the cost of your long term fitness goals. By working in some of these tips on your Spring Break getaway, you can have fun and stay committed to being the best physical you!

How do you stay on track when traveling?

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